, video-powered personal shopping
Pricing, video-powered personal shopping
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Humanize e-commerce with live 1-on-1 video shopping
Delight shoppers, set yourself apart, and boost your e-commerce, with up to 15X increase in conversions.
Increasing conversions
Convert Online Shoppers
Give your product experts the tools to convert:
  • Live 1-1 video streaming for a personalized & engaging experience
  • Shopify integration for dynamic product search & display
  • Add-to-cart and checkout functionality
Customer loyalty
Retain Online Shoppers
Bring the power of in-person interactions to your online store, build brand awareness, and create lasting relationships. Accurately re-engage customers with notes from past video calls, order history, and browsing history.
Live video chat
The Future of Retail
Convenient, efficient, and on-the-go e-commerce is becoming the norm. Usher in the next generation of e-commerce and differentiate yourself with live video-powered personal shopping.
On-demand virtual shopping
On-demand virtual shopping
Connect your product experts with shoppers instantly over live video — empower them to provide 1-on-1 advice and personalized recommendations that bring your online store to life.
Appointment-based virtual shopping
High-intent shoppers can schedule a virtual consultation for a later time. When they're ready, connect them with your product experts over live 1-1 video, for a personalized and engaging experience that brings your brand and online store to life.
Appointment-based virtual shopping

2x AOV

Shoppers buy up to twice as much


Increase in online conversions

2 hrs

Average conversion time post video call

Delight your online shoppers with an unforgettable experience that sets you apart from the competition.
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